Nowadays, with a fast paced life and busy schedule of people, shopping can turn out to be a real time killing affair. Starting from making list, then travelling to and from the store, browsing through the different items at the store is not something that is liked and preferred by many. As we know, innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought therefore, here 1Mart brings to you a futuristic way which does not find customers for products rather find products for customers.

The goals of this aspect of marketing is to provide free on-time delivery, precise invoicing and zero damage of products that too at the rate of wholesale, seeing that, it is not always convenient for customers to find the appropriate shops in so much of hustle and bustle of markets and converse for the unexplored vendors. They are not just focused on B2B or B2C concept but are initiating H2H notion, i.e.: HUMAN TO HUMAN.

This onset of 1Mart in Lucknow allows customers to choose the store for pickup and deliver the product to their desirable destination that too sitting right at their home. It provides an edge at the time of emergency, such as providing with medicines all the while when one cannot conduct it, can drop your child’s projects or your eminent files to the respective places at one’s earliest convenience that too in the course of time when travelling is impractical, one can order on the way home from daily work, in these hottest days of the year when people are reluctant to leave their places at the midday one can get their purchases done, whether it’s grocery, stationery, clothing, food anything that too while they are spending their quality time with family, not getting niggled by the heat as well as traffic congestion. All it needs the pickup point and destination which one can track at the real time using their app which is an edge over to their service.

Besides all this, the trip to store involves burning of fuels that in turn harms the nature. But with this marketing strategy, the individual journey of people will be saved as a single person will be able to deliver multiple orders on a single trip which makes it more cost efficient. For them providing ease to their customer is the matter of grave concern. Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it, it is what the customer gets out of it and 1Mart knows this proficiently that consumer demands better service. Therefore, they endeavour to provide the same. So customers, what you are waiting for? Download the app and enjoy your piece of cake.