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  • What is 1Mart?
    • 1Mart is a product managed by a group of seasoned professionals under the hood of OneBox Solutions Pvt Ltd. Our vision is to bring back the importance of local vendors and local shops. People now days buy almost everything from online marketplaces and websites. This is our small push to boost the sales of local shops and request buyers to buy from local shops instead of making online purchase to support them. In return we offer buyers with discount coupons, deals near them and also chance to earn money via our Refer & Earn program. If you are a user, please sign up for free on our website and we will ensure that you get good deals near you. If you are a vendor or a shopkeeper, we request you to sign up as a vendor on our website for free and upload your products and offer best deals to our users. We are acting only as a bridge between local buyers and local vendors. 1Mart is a Business Booster and Result Oriented arrangement for all Local dealers and Service suppliers. By marking in to www.1Mart.in or 1Mart Mobile application, you can get Additional Discounts with only two ticks in your own particular city. "1Mart" is also a platform where in users and vendors can make real money by referring other vendors through our "Refer & Earn" module. "1Mart" is the first of its kind of platform where its shares straight 10% of its profit among its Users and Vendors.
  • How is 1Mart beneficial for me?
    • If you are a user you can sign up with 1Mart to get great deals around you. You can also search for different vendors, check out their products and even generate discount coupons for each product. You need to be Signed In in order to generate coupon codes. By discount coupons you can get the same discount as you get online on other marketplaces but instead of waiting for the product for 3 to 5 days to arrive using 1Mart you can get the product on the same day at the same price. If you are a vendor, you can register with us and get great visibility in your area. You will get user enquiries, you can add multiple products and the best part is you can add your business banner at different locations. Best way to generate business is to offer great discount on your listed products.
  • How do I register on 1Mart?
    • It's very simple to register on 1Mart. All you need to do is to open www.1Mart.in and click on sign up, select your user type (normal user or a vendor), fill in your details click on SignUp. You need to verify your mobile number and email address and you are ready to go. Login to your account and click on dashboard ensure that you have filled up all your information including your bank account details and your profile details. Vendors would need to follow the same steps to register on 1mart however they need to upload their business documents and fill other details as required by 1mart during the sign up process. Once successfully submitted vendors need to wait for the 1Mart team to verify their documents and business once verified vendors will get an email SMS that the verification has been done successfully. Once the verification has been done vendors can access the dashboard and go to subscription to choose a plan. Once the plan has been activated vendors would be able to add their products including the price and discounts to offer.
  • How do I earn with 1Mart?
    • We are a company which shares its profit among all its stakeholders. To earn money users or vendors can refer other vendors. Users or Vendors need to ensure that their referral ID is used while referring other vendors. You can access your referral ID by clicking on dashboard and going to manage account section. You can earn upto 2 levels by our Refer & Earn program. For example, if a person X has referred person Y, X will get 15% of the base amount as a referral Commission. If person Y has referred person Z, then 15% of person Z's purchased plan's base amount will go to person Y and 5% of Z's purchased plan's base amount will go to person X. All your earned amount will be shown in your dashboard and you would have option to withdraw money directly to your bank account. Once the admin approves your withdrawal request you will get a notification and the amount will be credited by the end of the month to your bank account.
  • How can I change my mobile number or Email address?
    • Once you have registered using your mobile number or Email address you would not be able to change it in case you need to register another mobile number or Email address you can give a request to delete or block a current account to admin and you can use your new email id or mobile number to register with us again.
  • How do I generate a coupon code?
    • In order to generate a coupon code, you need to search for a product from the homepage, once you get a list of all the vendors you can go to a required vendor's page to check their products. You can click any of the product of your choice view all the details and click on apply for a discount. You need to ensure that you must be logged in while applying for a discount code. The discount code will be valid for 48 hours after which it will be expired and you would be required to apply for a different discount code.
  • What is the best way to contact support team?
    • The best way to contact support team is via sending an email to info@1Mart.in or contact via live chat support. Please make sure that you include your mobile number in the Subject line along with the issue while sending an email. You can also get in touch with us using Contact Us page
  • My Business Category is not listed. What do I do?
    • Please contact us via our Contact Us page or Support Phone Number or Live Chat or send us an email from your registered email address with your mobile number in the subject field and we will add the relevant category asap.
  • I want to change my user type. Is it possible?
    • Once you have registered with 1Mart with your mobile number and email address for a specific user type (User/Vendor), you cannot change it. In order to register as a User or Vendor you would need to use another number and email ID. Any mobile number or email ID once used, cannot be re-used for creating another account.
  • In how much time does my business details gets verified?
    • We try to approve your business on basis of the details and documents provided. We try to do it as soon as possible but in case of high volumes, it can take 24 hours to 72 hours. Your cooperation and patience is highly appreciated.
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