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  • Can I change my Business Category?
    • As of now we are not allowing to change your business category. Please ensure that you register your business very carefully and choose the right options while submitting your application. Once submitted the details cannot be changed.
  • Do I have to pay GST on Subscription Plans?
    • Yes, we are a Government Registered company hence we follow all the rules and regulations related to taxes laid down by the government and abide by them.
  • How do I add my banner?
    • Once you have registered your business with 1Mart and it has been approved and verified, you would be required to contact 1Mart support via email or helpline number. We would help you in creating a banner for your business or we can also upload your own created banner. Please make sure to include your registered mobile number in the subject line of your email.
  • Is uploading so many documents necessary for my business to get listed?
    • Yes, we want to make sure that each and every business that is listed on our website is legitimate and registered hence, we ask for a copy of your business documents. We verify each and every business that is listed on our website. Uploading any fake documents will lead to banning of that particular user/vendor and business forever.
  • Why am I asked to put my Bank account details?
    • We are the first company of its kind which offers straight profit sharing among all its stakeholders. The reason behind asking for bank account details to to ensure that every earned profit goes to your bank account. Also, please ensure that you upload your PAN card so that right amount of Tax can be deduced at source. As of now, a user/vendor without a PAN card will be entitled to get profit sharing after deducting 20% tax however a user/vendor with PAN card details with be entitled to get a profit share after a 5% tax deduction at source. Please note that these Tax slabs can be changed anytime depending on the Government tax policies.
  • How do I redeem my Discount Coupon?
    • Once you have generated your discount coupon, you can directly send a contact enquiry or call the vendor to avail the discount. You can also request the vendor to see if he can deliver the product to you locally. The vendor may charge you a nominal fee for delivering the goods.
  • My City & Area is not Listed. What do I do?
    • In case your business city is not listed, you can contact us via live chat or email us and we can add the particular city and area asap so that you can add your business on our website.
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